What to Do if You Get Asked Out By a Bus Driver

Hello, long lost blog! I really need to pick up writing in this old thing. So far nothing note worthy has really taken place, other than a lot of transition into living a new life. Oh change, how you mock me. So you are all probably wondering what the above title has to do with the post, well pretty much everything! Life in Australia has been the complete opposite so far from my old life. Seriously…EVERYTHING is different. I am testing out my theory though on a particular difference. Only one is all my time living in the US did I ever get randomly asked out, and by random, I mean a total stranger. That one time consisted of a gentleman who I gave my parking spot to, since I was leaving. He happened to find one before I got to mine and then bolted across the parking lot to find me and asked me to coffee. I lied and told said gentleman that I had boyfriend. Because why in the world would I go out with someone who I have never even had a conversation with…I call rape!

So with that said, I got asked out the other day, by the bus driver. The first and only time that I have taken the bus here, I get propositioned. And yes…I froze…I didn’t know what to do. So I said yes…lucky for me though I had to get off the bus and was unable to exchange information. So no bus driver date for me. Ahh…that was a close one. I guess I don’t think I can pull out the boyfriend card here quite yet. So the answer to the above question is…Tell them you have a boyfriend. Or, if you are interested…go out with them. But in my case it was a stranger and the boyfriend card would have been well used. So, if everything else here is backwards, maybe my dating life will be to and I have many more random date propositions. One can only hope 😉