The Rule’s of Facebook

Rule #244: If we are not friends in real life, what makes you think we should be friends on facebook…It’s not going to happen

If you didn’t talk to me in high school and I have had absolutely no contact with you in the ten years that we have been out of high school…what in hell makes you think that we should be facebook friends? My 10 year reunion is fast approaching and I am not going. I graduated from a rather small class and those who I actually care about seeing I do. I don’t want to go and make mindless chit chat with the idiot who barely graduated who still lives at home and considers being a waiter at Red Robin a lifetime career. Nor do I want to spend a few hundred dollars to act like we were friends in high school when the reality was we never spoke.

My class has put together a facebook group page for our reunion, I was added to it. In order to not be rude, I have kept myself on this page, but never partake in it. I have been getting friends requests from some of the guys I went to high school with due to the fact that we are all part of this “group”. It makes me laugh, we are not friends, we never have been, so I’m not going to accept your friends request. I don’t need 5000 facebook “friends” to feel important. So…request denied!