The Scams of Craigslist

I have to be out of my place by May 20th, that means…I have to have sold all my furniture by then. I put it all on Craigslist, thinking that I would actually be able to sell it…WRONG! I have bought a ton of stuff off Craigslist, but selling is a completely different story.  All I am getting is scammers and propaganda. Apparently Obama is giving away grants….blah blah blah. I don’t want his grants and I don’t want to Google whatever phrase you want me to. Also, I will not call you if all you give is a number without requesting a piece of furniture that you are interested in. Oh and my favorite by far is the person who doesn’t live here, nor do they have access to the internet regularly and who wants to send his moving company to pick up my furniture and would like all my financial information. Yes, I am that stupid to give a random stranger access to my banking information. What an idiot! I wrote him a nice little message back. So if any of you out there in blogging land know a better way to sell furniture let me know…cause I am running out of time!

The Royal Wedding

Yes, I am one of those…I am waking up at 1am to watch the royal nuptials. I hope all this hype is worth it all! Here’s to Prince William and Kate Middleton…Cheers!

The Ramifications Of My Actions

I crushed a 7 year old. I hate that my decision to leave and embark on an adventure is hurting people. It breaks my heart and makes me want to stay and never leave, just so everyone will be happy. One of my clients, I have been incredibly close to over the past four year. I even lived with them after another one of my roommates got married and I had no place to go for a few months. Megan is their 7 year old daughter who I teach I piano to every week. Not only am I her piano teacher, but I also babysit her dolls when she goes on vacation. She gets specials days with me when she finishes all of her songs in a week. She is attached to me, and I am to her. I love that little girl. When I moved out of their house she was sad and to this day she hangs on me every week when I leave her house, asking me not to go. I spent Easter with her family and I told her mom Mary that I was moving. She is sad that I am leaving, but excited for me. For whatever reason, Megan started asking her mom questions and Mary told her that I was moving away for a year, but that I would be back. She was devastated and cried herself to sleep. When her mom told me that. I cried. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. There are going to be a lot of water works come September.

The Joys of Being Single #76 – Insensitive Married Friends

Joy #76 – Insensitive Married Friends

So the leaving my life process has begun. I have put all my furniture for sale on Craigslist and Facebook. I haven’t told a bunch of people yet, but the posting on Facebook is generating quite the buzz. I’ve had numerous people comment and ask why I am selling all my furniture, to some I tell them the truth about my big move…to others I only disclose the next step – renting a fully furnished room.

Today I had one such email from a friend who only contacts me only when I am dating someone. She is the kind of married girl who has completely forgotten what it is like to be single, and who deems singleness a disease or curse. She saw my posting selling my furniture and private messaged me, asking my what is going on. I told her that my roommate is getting married and that I am sick of moving every few years and keeping my stuff in storage. So I am renting a fully furnished room and getting rid of my stuff. She responded with “Wow, moving again, huh? You are like a lucky charm, my friend.” Cause that is what every single girl wants to hear whose roommates keep getting married on her. I obviously LOVE that I have to move every year or so because they keep getting married on me. It’s how I always hoped my life would turn out…Always the bridesmaid…never the bride. It pissed me off. I responded with “I see it more as a curse”.

I love when my married friends forget that sometimes being single is painful and having to replant your life because you don’t have the stability of a husband is not all that fun. Don’t get me wrong, there are great things about being single, but I want to be married. I just haven’t met the right guy yet. I could have married the wrong one many times over by now, but I am waiting for the right one. So to all you marrieds out there…don’t forget what it was like to be single. In the end, it just makes you look like an insensitive jerk!

Music Mondays: Amanda Falk

It’s getting greyer.

The black and white is gone

The clouds have crowded their way in

We will wait

For the sun to rise again

Cause it’s coming

It’s coming ‘round the bend

To rebuild things broken

Retrieve things stolen

Restore our tattered hearts

We are the beaten

the lost, confused, alone

We are children

Searching for our home

so we will wait

for the sun to rise again

cause it’s coming

it’s coming ‘round the bend

to rebuild things broken

retrieve things stolen

restore our tattered hearts

so won’t You come

and shine Your light on us

won’t you come and shine Your light

won’t You come and shine Your light on us

oh how we need Your light

so won’t You come and shine Your light on us

oh how we need Your light

So we will wait

For the Son to rise again

Cause You are coming

You’re coming back and then

You’ll rebuild things broken

Retrieve things stolen

Restore our tattered hearts

Amanda Falk