Its Raining Babies

As I mentioned earlier I have A LOT of friends who are pregnant and due relatively close to one another. First there was Nikki who had her baby end of March then a week later Mary followed with her little girl. Fast forward 3 weeks and a few days later and now 2 more are due this next week. Jenny, is at the hospital right now, while Laurie who has the same due date is still waiting. Well, technically Jenny is 5 days early. So begins this new chapter that I really don’t understand.

I know this might sound horrible to some of you, but I don’t particularity like infants. Truth is, I am terrified of them. I’m also terrified of fish and birds, but infants are a pretty close 3rd. The irony of this is that I teach a baby music class once a week. I know what you are thinking, how can a baby take a music class…right? Well, it’s really more of a time for the mom’s to cuddle with their new babies while we sing songs. In this class I practice my acting skills because I have to pretend that I just LOVE infants. I love the way the stare blankly at me, the way they smell like poopie diapers, and the way that they spit on me…its all so cute (notice the sarcasm).

All of this baby business makes me feel as though at 27 I have missed the boat. I am in no way ready to be a mom yet, as i mentioned before, I am terrified of infants, but still I wonder…am I missing out?


All About Me…

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Kara and I am a twenty-something who is in the midst of figuring my life out. In other words, I’m starting all over when it feels like the rest of my world has finally figured it out. So let me give you a 7 fun fact about me. Why 7 you ask…well, it feels like a 7 sort of day.

1) I am originally from Portland, OR and relocated in CA when I was 20 for school. So from time to time my Oregon hippie self comes out.

2) Since turning twenty I have moved 13 times. 4 of those times have been in the past year. I am a moving specialist by now.

3) I have been a bridesmaid in 6 weddings been involved in over 15 and attended over 30 all since turning 21. I caught the bouquet once and immediately threw it up in the air…there might be a bit of commitiphobe in me.

4) The wedding and moving thing go together, pretty much I am any single girls best bet for getting married…live with me and I will have you married in a year!

5) I too was supposed to be married by now, but God had other plans and my boyfriend of 3 years and I broke a couple months ago. So I eventually overcame the whole afraid of commitment things, only to then pick the wrong guy…good job subconscious!

6) I’m starting my own music studio. I seriously don’t know what I am doing since I am a musician and the whole business thing and I don’t work to well together.

7) And last my whole world is pregnant right now, all those weddings where I was a bridesmaid…well they are all having babies. No joke I have 8 friends who have either recently had their baby, like in the last week or are due by September. Needless to say I’m not really a baby person, love kids! Babies freak me out.

You know that song from Sesame Street…”One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong…” Well, that is me and this is my journey trying to figure out where I belong.

What is a Twenty-Something?

What is a twenty-something? As I see it a twenty-something is someone who is most likely in their early, mid or late twenties still in the throes of figuring life out. You can be married, single, a parent, great job, no job, own a house, rent an apartment, or living off of your parents couch. This generation of twenty somethings is like no generation before. We as a whole are the late bloomers, still trying to figure out life. We are high-tech, sometimes motivated, sometimes lazy, not following in the path that our parents took before us. We are big dreamers and risk takers who don’t often consider how are actions will affect others. This is my humerus take on what it is like to be living, breathing, working, twenty-something.