I'll be there for you

I'll be there for you

I love this show, its funny how I understand it now more than ever The show started airing when I was still a little to young to be watching it, but by the time they were into season 3 I was a FRIENDS nut. I will always remember sitting in my apartment Jr year of college with my roommates who were all a year ahead of me crying as the final episode aired…it was like “the end of an era”. I own all 10 season on DVD, and I have the game, yes I know what you all are thinking…she is so cool! 🙂 Anyway every few years I decided to start with season one and watch an episode a day and work my way all the way to the end. I’m in season 3 right now, where they are about my age. I now understand their problems, as I too am finding myself struggling with the same things. Career, relationships, and trying to figure out how it all fits together. I am finding myself in similar situations and it just makes it all the more comical, cause now, I get it in a much more personal way. My world, until about a month ago was all married,pregnant, or with infants, but now I have a whole new world of twenty something SINGLE friends. One’s divorced, like Ross, but her husband didn’t turn out to be gay. One is funny like Chandler, who hides his pain with humor. One is goofy and free spirited like Phoebe, while another has traits of Monica in her.  Unfortunately we still need a Joey, and I am Rachel, figuring out job stuff, and learning to move on after a rough relationship. I always wanted my life to look like that when I got out of college, with my closest friends all living near by and being single together. I guess I finally have that! 🙂


Lazy or Afraid

I often wonder what holds me back more, fear…or am I just being lazy? I was going to try and write in this blog at least once a week and then nothing…for TWO months! HA! I am busy, but not THAT busy that I cannot tear myself away for 30 minutes to write a blog chronicling this crazy world of being a twenty-something. So, am I just too lazy, or is it the fear of posting all my thoughts and fears on “paper” for all to see (including myself)? When its up in my head, I can pretend that I really don’t feel the way that I do, or better yet, know one has to know the crazy thoughts that go through my head and I can just keep on pretending to have it all figured out…if they only knew.