What to Do if You Get Asked Out By a Bus Driver

Hello, long lost blog! I really need to pick up writing in this old thing. So far nothing note worthy has really taken place, other than a lot of transition into living a new life. Oh change, how you mock me. So you are all probably wondering what the above title has to do with the post, well pretty much everything! Life in Australia has been the complete opposite so far from my old life. Seriously…EVERYTHING is different. I am testing out my theory though on a particular difference. Only one is all my time living in the US did I ever get randomly asked out, and by random, I mean a total stranger. That one time consisted of a gentleman who I gave my parking spot to, since I was leaving. He happened to find one before I got to mine and then bolted across the parking lot to find me and asked me to coffee. I lied and told said gentleman that I had boyfriend. Because why in the world would I go out with someone who I have never even had a conversation with…I call rape!

So with that said, I got asked out the other day, by the bus driver. The first and only time that I have taken the bus here, I get propositioned. And yes…I froze…I didn’t know what to do. So I said yes…lucky for me though I had to get off the bus and was unable to exchange information. So no bus driver date for me. Ahh…that was a close one. I guess I don’t think I can pull out the boyfriend card here quite yet. So the answer to the above question is…Tell them you have a boyfriend. Or, if you are interested…go out with them. But in my case it was a stranger and the boyfriend card would have been well used. So, if everything else here is backwards, maybe my dating life will be to and I have many more random date propositions. One can only hope 😉

I Guess I’m Still Me…

As I have mentioned before I am not a flirt, if anything I am the opposite, I am a non flirt, a nirt if you will. Yes that’s right, I just made up an awesome new word. I become an incompetent nerd around men who are attractive. Give them a great personality on top of the hotness and I am screwed. I think a part of me thought that moving to another country might take away some of my 13 year old girl insecurity. Because now I am the foreigner…I am interesting if only for the sole reason that I am not from here. I lived in Los Angeles for the past nine years, that has to be interesting right. I have the accent now. Yet, that stupid 13 year old girl inside of me keeps rearing her ugly head. Truth, I am interesting, and not in a bragging because I am great way, but I have had a pretty interesting life. I am musician and I just left everything for adventure. Yet around cute men I become mute. Case in point my latest adventure into the city.

Here I am all excited to go exploring on my own in Sydney, I’m all by myself. I walk to the train station and am immediately overcome with confusion, concerned that I am getting on the wrong train. Right next to me is a very cute Australian boy…let me stress again…VERY CUTE! Here is my opportunity to be not me…after all I am starting over in a new country, be bold Kara, talk to him, ask for help. Do I do that…NOOOOOOO…of course not. That would be to cool. Instead He looks my way and I look down at the ground obviously very preoccupied with whatever is staring back at me. Smooth move Kara. Next instead of asking cute boy for directions, which will in turn lead to a conversation about where I am from, which will then lead to a date and the ultimate end of marital bliss, I call my friend who I am staying with to make sure I am about to board the right train. STUPID STUPID Me! Ahh…good bye Australian husband, we would have had a wonderful life together ;). So here I am in a new Country still being my awkward self and trying to convince myself that I am a beautiful confident women, any man would be lucky to be with me. Yay, same girl, still awkward. If only moving would rid me of my 13 year old self!

My Failure in Flirting

So last Friday night my friend Emma and I decided that we suck at flirting and meeting single available men. So we devised a plan of attack. Let’s make ourselves go to establishments with single men. So here is a little bit of back story on myself. I don’t know how to flirt. If I see a cute guy, I make sure that I don’t look at him, make eye contact, or smile. I become stone cold. I don’t know how this even started, but it did and now I am stuck in this horrible phase of being an ice princess. I know that I need to break this trend. I must! Especially before I move to Australia! So it has been my goal this past week to learn to flirt, to smile at cute men. To not be such a pansy. Well….I failed…and I failed miserably! Emma and I walk into this upscale bar with a live band on last Friday night. There are cute guys everywhere…and I immediately revert to don’t look mode. Emma is slightly better, she actually looked around the room, while I kept my eyes straight ahead. Apparently some the attractive men actually looked my way, but I refused to make eye contact…I once again froze! And I wonder why I haven’t been on a date since December. I think I better add this to my list of things I need to get done before I move…Learn to flirt, or at least make eye contact. 😉

The Joys of Being Single #76 – Insensitive Married Friends

Joy #76 – Insensitive Married Friends

So the leaving my life process has begun. I have put all my furniture for sale on Craigslist and Facebook. I haven’t told a bunch of people yet, but the posting on Facebook is generating quite the buzz. I’ve had numerous people comment and ask why I am selling all my furniture, to some I tell them the truth about my big move…to others I only disclose the next step – renting a fully furnished room.

Today I had one such email from a friend who only contacts me only when I am dating someone. She is the kind of married girl who has completely forgotten what it is like to be single, and who deems singleness a disease or curse. She saw my posting selling my furniture and private messaged me, asking my what is going on. I told her that my roommate is getting married and that I am sick of moving every few years and keeping my stuff in storage. So I am renting a fully furnished room and getting rid of my stuff. She responded with “Wow, moving again, huh? You are like a lucky charm, my friend.” Cause that is what every single girl wants to hear whose roommates keep getting married on her. I obviously LOVE that I have to move every year or so because they keep getting married on me. It’s how I always hoped my life would turn out…Always the bridesmaid…never the bride. It pissed me off. I responded with “I see it more as a curse”.

I love when my married friends forget that sometimes being single is painful and having to replant your life because you don’t have the stability of a husband is not all that fun. Don’t get me wrong, there are great things about being single, but I want to be married. I just haven’t met the right guy yet. I could have married the wrong one many times over by now, but I am waiting for the right one. So to all you marrieds out there…don’t forget what it was like to be single. In the end, it just makes you look like an insensitive jerk!

The Joys of Being Single #23

The Joys of Being Single #23: Everyone’s favorite…”Don’t worry…you’ll meet someone” (With optional side nod and arm grab)

I had the opportunity to attend a reunion this weekend for my university. I really did not want to go, but after much begging from many of my friends, I decided to make a brief appearance. It was a two day event, and I showed up for the tail end of it. I was asked multiple times why I didn’t want to go and I came up with some pretty great excuses, like having to wash my hair, or keeping my apartment from being burglarized, you know…normal everyday stuff. Truth…I did not want to deal with Joy #23. I am SO sick of hearing that. Especially since I never said or even implied that I was  unhappy in my present situation or that I am worried that the “right” guy is not out there. Just because I am not married, or currently in a serious relationship does not make my life some sort of miserable existence just “hanging in there” until I too can be tied down with a husband and a baby. Yes, I do want that someday, but until that day does come, I am pretty content with where I am and the adventures that lay ahead of me. So to all of you who are married with babies…knock it off! Singleness is not a disease, and nor are most of us “worried” that we won’t meet someone. So next time you are at an event and ask someone “are you married…boyfriend…” and they say no, don’t condescendingly look at them like something is missing in their life. Instead, be helpful and offer to set them up with your husbands hot friend.  Thanks! 😉

PS. I am going to be doing a lot a traveling in the next few weeks. I’ll try to keep my posting up, but as you can see from yesterday sometimes its just not possible to get to a computer when I am out of town. So much for my streak of everyday but Sunday.

The Joys of Being Single

Joy #545…Constantly having to move and find a new roommates because the current one is getting married.

I have moved more times than I ever thought I would in my 28 years of life. Since I turned 20, I have moved thirteen times. the longest I have lived in a place was 2 1/2 years with Kylie. My apartments lease is up in May. I planned on just going month to month with the current roommate until August when she get married and I move to Sydney. That was the plan. Well apartments suck! If we go month to month they are increasing our rent by a little over $300, if we extend our lease for 12 more months they increase are rent by $100. Obviously neither one of those are really an option. For starters, I can’t afford a $300 increase and secondly, I am only going to be here for 5 more months anyway. So onto the path of temporary living yet again. I did not plan on moving until I left the country, but I guess I don’t really have a choice. So here I go again. Another move, and another roommate who is getting married on me. Seriously…if you want to be married, come live with me. I’ll have you married off in 16 months or less or your money back.