Happiness is…Old Friends

Today was a good day. An unexpected day. A day that makes me wish I wasn’t leaving in a month and a half. My favorite days are the ones that are super social and filled with friends. Today was one of those days. The best part. I heard from four of my favorite boys today. Three of them I met in college and one shortly after. They are my brothers from another mother. Just seeing there names makes me light up and puts a big smile on my face. I miss them. They all live far away now with their wives, all of which are pretty cool too. Funny thing, when you decide to uproot your life, you reflect A LOT! As I am currently about as single as they come, much of my reflection has to do with past relationships. The Epiphany of the day…No guy I have ever dated has made me light up like my friends.

These boys from my past, I would never date them, nor is it an option since they are all married, but even before, we never had the right chemistry. One of my goals for my big move is to not make the same mistakes I have made in my past. One of my big mistakes has been the type of guy I have dated. I date asses. I date men who make me uncomfortable. I have yet to date a man who makes me light up. I love how happy I feel when one of my boys sends me an email or txt. I feel the same way when I hear from my girls as well. So in this process of learning to live…I have decided: No more dating men who I have to jump through hoops for. No more dating men who make me feel like crap. The next guy I date is going to make me light up. Goodbye Anxiety…Hello Happiness! 🙂  t