I’m back!

Oh how I have missed you blog! I’m all moved, to another country. That’s right I have left the comforts of the US all in the name of adventure and moved to Sydney Australia. Now that I am all moved I plan on reviving this thing as I have MUCH more free time than normal and the ability to blog. I don’t have a job, or friends, so for now lets take the time to focus on this blog. I have been writing a million posts in this noggin of mine and can’t wait to get it all out on “paper”. Ahh…It feels good to be back!

Moving your life halfway across the world causes a girl to reflect, and redefine things. It also causes a ton of self discovery. My current discovery is a doosey! I am the ex girlfriend that every boyfriend hates. Why…do you ask? Well it is really quite humorous. I have remained close to every mom of every boyfriend I have had. The men may have been douches, but they have wonderful moms who adore me and I them. I made this discovery as the first few people I talked to when I finally got over here was the mothers of my ex boyfriends. I laughed when I realized this. I don’t talk to them. There is no communication between me and the ex’s but I still go to coffee with the mom’s or now I skype with them. Ha! I refuse to give them up. I love them, they have been mom’s to me too. Especially when my own mother is far away and has never really understood me. To the Ex’s I’m sorry that your mom’s love me so much, but get used to it! 😉


Broken Relationships

Something I will never get used to is broken relationships. I hate it! I hate the fact that there are people who I once cared greatly for, and now don’t talk to. I’m talking about ex boyfriends. There is a reason why I dated each and everyone of them, and though I am SO happy that things did not work out. I miss them. I miss their friendship. I think about them all from time to time and wonder how they are and what they are doing, and I HATE the fact that I can’t just call them up to say hi. No matter how bad or great the relationship ended, I will always carry a piece of that person in my heart. I know that all this nostalgia is happening because I am leaving, but I wish I could call each and everyone of them up and tell them goodbye. I long for heaven where we can finally all be friends again, and where the things that once were broken will be made new and the pain and suffering will no longer exist. I hate that I still care. And from what I have heard from all my married friends, it doesn’t go away once you are married either. You will always care. Ugh!