Severely Neglected

This blog has been severely neglected. So neglected in fact that the name of this blog is no longer acceptable. With that said and considering that no one even reads this  anymore, I am sending it to blog heaven and one final thought.

I should be studying right now, working on a thesis to be exact. This blog for the time it was active was a therapeutic way to vent my feelings, frustrations, hopes and dreams in a way that was real and authentic. I’ll miss writing in this blog with no filter, but life is busy and honestly, I’d rather be busy living than bored writing. Life looks very VERY different from when I started this blog. I am no longer the same person and neither are those around me.  With that I bid farewell to Tales of a Twenty-Something and hello to Thirty Flirty and Thriving 😉


Facebook Official

Seriously, does anyone even remember life before Facebook?!? Its funny how in order for things to be real, in our real life, we must first make it real in our virtual life. I’ve heard more than once that its not official tell its Facebook  official. This concept applies both to big news and to relationships. Oh the impact that Facebook has had on our society. So, I made the official Facebook announcement and let all my “friends” know that I am moving to Australia. There is no more denying it now…this is really happening and to be honest, I am scared. I’m having SO much fun with all my friends this summer that I don’t really want it to end. I bet I’ll say the same thing this time next year as I am wrapping up my year in Australia. I still feel like I am living someone else’s life.

My Last 4th

Yesterday was my last 4th of July celebration for two years. I’ll miss next years since I will be living in Australia. As I sat watching the fireworks while patriotic music accompanied the display I got a little sad. It’s hard to comprehend that all that I am used to is about to change. I have gone and watched some sort of fireworks display my whole life, and next year I wont. July 4, will be just that, July 4th, not a holiday, or a day to remember, it will be just a day. There will be no Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Valentines day. They don’t exist over there. I am an American through and through and I am leaving my home for a land that I have never before been to. It’s scary. I have 7 weeks left of work and 10 weeks until I leave. So its starting to sink in…I am excited, but at the same time, I wonder what in hell am I thinking. I new it would hit me eventually. Who knew that 4th of July would make this all seem real.

And So It Begins

I leave in less than 100 days…I have a little over two months left of work before my whole world changes. It is starting to feel real. Today I told my first client that I am not returning in the fall. I was planning on letting everyone know at the beginning of July, but since they are taking the summer off I had to move up my timeline up for this one family. The parents took it well and are really excited for me. My kid however, has decided not to believe me and told me that he would see me in the fall. The look on his face was so sad! 😦 He is one of my favorites, I know you are not supposed to have favorites as a teacher, but I totally do. Ugh, my little heart just broke a bit when I told him. And this is just the beginning. I have always hated goodbyes. And so begins the next chapter, the chapter of learning to say goodbye.

Go, Go, Go-Go-Go

I am EXHAUSTED! It has been one crazy weekend. The wedding was beautiful and one of the best ones this season. The bride was beautiful and it only took 3 shots to get her stress level down. 😉 There really is nothing better than being with friends that you have known your whole life. So to the bride and groom congratulations! Your wedding was awesome.

As for me, I am TIRED! I have been traveling so much these past few months and on top of that I have moved. I can’t even remember the last time I just lounged around for a whole day. And honestly, I don’t think I will get to until September. There is just to much to do before I leave and time is already quickly flying by. As June is almost halfway over, I am anticipating telling my clients that I am leaving in just two short weeks, which means I can make the “official” Facebook announcement. My heart is being changed and I feel like I am a senior again, with just a few short months till graduation. So ready to be done and onto the next adventure, yet feeling nostalgic and not wanting any of this to end. To add to it, I feel as though my move is all encompassing these days. Its all I think about and it makes me feel selfish. Truth be told I don’t really like when a lot of attention is on me. It is OK when I am performing, but other than that I don’t really like it. I am always worried that I am boring the people around me, and that they don’t really want to know about my life. Stupid insecurities. So with all that said, the next few months are going to be crazy, busy, and fun. I going to miss sleep!

The Reality of Change

Furniture is sold, visa is in hand, I’m moving out of my place in one week, and last night I said goodbye to Kylie and her new husband Adam. While everyone else was sad because this goodbye will be for awhile, I said…see in you September. This is real and Gods hand has been so evidently at work that I cannot deny his call upon me to leave and go. The only thing I know for sure is where, I don’t know the what’s or how’s of how all of this is going to work out. Learning to trust and lean into the unknown is scary, and I don’t do a very good job at it. I look forward to the day when I can look back upon this journey and understand why I was called to go and leave everything that I know. Seeing Kylie and Adam, put me at ease as we briefly discussed all the fun things we will do together in Sydney, for it will be new to them as well. He is from Adelaide and well, she’s an American girl. If you read this, pray for me, cause the reality of just how much life is about to change is starting to hit me. I’m about to step through the looking glass into my own version of Wonderland…I’ve got four months…let the journey commence!

Leaving This Life

Have you ever made a really huge decision, life altering, but kept living life as if nothing has changed? As if the act of oblivion will keep the coming even at bay? I feel as though I am living that right now. My visa has been approved, I have begun to sell a bunch of my furniture, we move in 15 days, and I am buying my one way ticket to Australia this weekend. I am excited for the adventure and for stepping out into the unknown, but another part of me wants to cry. I love my friends, I love my clients, I love my life here. When I really start to think about what I am about to do in just a few short months I am torn. Half of me can’t wait to go and wish I could just pack up and leave now. The other half of me starts to cry just thinking about it. The reality of what I am about to do, hit me this week and I teared up thinking about saying goodbye to those friends who mean more to me than they will ever know. Those who have been gifts from God, who have brought me sanity, I can’t even begin to imagine what my life will look like without them being just a short drive away. So until I go, I am choosing to embrace these last few months and enjoy every minute with them, and not think about the tears that are to come.