Twenty Seven Dresses…Minus Twenty

So I am going to be a bridesmaid again. I found out tonight that my old roommate Kylie is getting married this spring. I am so excited for her and equally excited and honored to be in her wedding. She is a wonderful friend and I could not be happier for her! 🙂

What makes me laugh though is that this is my 7th time being a bridesmaid. It will be the 16th wedding that I am involved in. I’ve lost track of how many weddings I have been to since I began college. Off the top of my head…30? Probably more. Last summer was the first summer since I graduated from high school that I did not have a wedding to attend. I had a bunch of baby showers…4…but no weddings. I am on the third round of weddings this year. So far in the lineup…I have at least 5 that I am aware of. I am in 3 of them, Candle lighter, singer, and bridesmaid.

I’ll be honest with you. I like weddings, they are fun. I love the dancing, the food, and the general merriment. I also really like it when they have an open bar. I like them enough that I work for a friend on the side and help her with her wedding planning business. People are happy at wedding’s they may be stressed before, but once the show is on the road everyone seems to have good time. I like weddings, but I never want one. My friends may hate me, but I want to elope. I want just my family, his family and a few close friends on some beautiful island for a week of fun. The planning stresses me out, and the cost…even more so. I don’t see a traditional wedding in my future.

So, here I am, a bridesmaid again. My goal is to make to ten. I think that is pretty reasonable. I feel like Katherine Heigl…7 down…3 to go!