The Dreaded Roommates Boyfriend

I am in a funk. I don’t get in funks very often, but I am in one now. I’m not sure what brought it on, but I am pretty sure my bad year has not really helped any. Getting sick has pushed me over the edge and everything around me drives me frickin nuts. I find myself more and more frustrated, with more and more rants building up inside of me. My friends like my rants, they find them entertaining. I think, they think I am joking. I’m not. I’m normally just pissed. So I hope you my readers find my rants as entertaining as the rest. Cause I have a feeling this blog is going to be seeing a lot of them in the coming weeks. This rant is dedicated to my roommates boyfriend.

His name is Isaiah –

He is not a bad guy, not in the slightest. He is a very nice guy. He just drives me up a frickin wall. Everything about him makes me want to punch him. He is always over, well let me re-phrase that. He is always over if my roommate is here. For starters, he is a cheap ass. The boy does not know how to spend money. They dated for MONTHS before he even spent a penny on her. She paid for everything, she was his mother. He is younger by 4 years, which has worked out well for many of my friends. However, I can feel his age. He doesn’t have a job, until a few months ago, he still lived at home with mommy and daddy. Seriously, I don’t get it. I have been on my own since I was 19. Grow up! Oh and it get’s better. His idea of a date night is raiding his parents fridge and then bringing the food over here and making our kitchen a mess so that he and my roommate can cook it together…GAG! My favorite thing about him though has to be the fact that he thinks all his dumb jokes are cute. THEY ARE NOT…THEY ARE DUMB! I pity laugh and then run to my room so that I don’t have to be around him. The best part is that I am a good actress, so he thinks we are buddies. They are getting married this summer. And she is happy, so that is all that matters. I for one can’t wait for them to be married, cause once they are, he will no longer be over! And I will no longer have the wonderful experience of walking in on them making out…more than once.