Kara and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Year

My mom used to read me this book as a kid. It always used to make my brother and I laugh for Alexander really did have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. From the moment He wakes up, he knows this day doomed for failure.  He wakes up with gum in his hair, his best friend tells him they are no longer best friends, he has a cavity, he doesn’t get the shoes he wants, and he has to eat lima beans for dinner.  Alexander says several times he is just going to move to Australia (doesn’t sound like such a bad plan to me kid) and not have to deal with days like this anymore. The book concludes with his mother telling him some days are just terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad, even in Australia.

I feel like I am living out the story of Kara and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Year. 2010…horrible year. So I said screw you 2010…bring on 2011. Well, 2011 is turning out to be 2010 younger, slightly uglier and more annoying sibling. I rang in the new year at home, on skype with my best friend Marie who lives in Seattle, she was home sick. I was packing, because I had a flight to catch early the next morning. I was bound for Miami to catch a cruise. So far, doesn’t sound too bad does it…just you wait. 6am January 1st, I wake up, and that’s right I am one of the many who experienced the iphone 2011 alarm glitch. I was supposed to be at the airport at 6am to catch a 7:30am flight. I wake up when I am supposed to be there, oh and it gets better, I hadn’t finished packing yet. I throw clothes on, zip up my suitcase with whatever is in it and run to my car. I get to the airport around 6:35. I managed to make my flight, but barely, feeling gross for my 8+ hour day of travel. No food on any of my flights because of course airlines don’t give you food anymore, AND they charge you for bringing a bag. Cause no one who ever flies is going to check a bag. One can totally fit everything they need for a week away in a single carry on plus one personal item.  And since I left half my stuff at home, I got to spend money I don’t have on things that I already do. Thank Miami for being an overpriced little bitch.

Cruise locations, beautiful. Friends to cruise with, fun. Cruise ship, mediocre. Cruise food, poor. Though I spent the trip with great friends, the fact that the ship was filled with couples, and the locations made for honeymoons, kind of made me feel like an outsider. Funny thing, my friends felt the same way. Not so much fun, oh and I’m sorry, but you can’t see jack when you only have 5-8 hours at port. Not really a fan of cruising, probably won’t do it again. Well, I won’t do it again single.

Flight back…NIGHTMARE. United airlines is of the devil. I show up at 12:30pm to check in for my flight and am informed that I can’t do that. You can only check in 3 hours before. So I spend the next two sitting with my giant suitcase in front of check in. Might I add it was thrilling. No food, starving, no place to sit, phenomenal, so my suitcase became my seat. When it finally is time to check in, I have to wait in line for an hour, and then another 45 min just to get through security so I can finally get food. But wait…there is no place to eat by my gate, so I end up sitting down at a restaurant and spend $15 on an overcooked burger. My flight says it’s on time, so that’s good. WRONG! My flight keeps getting delayed since I have a layover in Denver and their mild winter just ended and they got hit with a big snow storm. There is no one at the ticket counter so I can’t even change my flight since by now I am going to miss my connection to get me home. Flight time on the board say’s departure is now 6:30pm. 6:30 comes and goes no plane, no change of time, no one there. Flight finally leaves at 7:30. We land in Denver, 8:15 (time change, no it not a 45 min flight) my flight leaves at 8:30. Miraculously I make it by running, in heels, past 30 gates to make my flight. My luggage does not. That brings us up to mid-January.

The rest of January has massively sucked. I leave for a few weeks, come back, and everything has changed. One of my closest friends up and decided that he doesn’t want to hang out with me anymore, don’t really know why, just know that since I came back he has been all weird and distant. Oh and did I mention he can’t do conflict, he avoids it like the plague. And for a girl who has no problem with it, who actually prefers it to awkward encounters, it is kinds of driving me nuts! And all my awesome single friends have “met someone” and my Friday nights went from being wonderful to me doing laundry and cleaning. I really am happy for them. Really, they have met great people, but I selfishly want things to go back to the way they were when we would all hang out and have our “movie club” (The catch phrase was movie club…cause Kara hasn’t seen jack). It sucks being left out. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am highly extroverted, so the idea of staying at home by myself on any night, let alone, Friday makes me want to scream. January = relational awesomeness!

So now we come upon February, won’t you be kinder to me than January. Please, help me see that you are so much better than 2010. So far it is an epic failure. February 1, 2011 here is my day. I’m super sick, wake up hacking with a sinus infection. I have to go to work because I make most of my income on Tuesdays, and since I work for myself, there is no such thing as a sick day. On my way to work I get a phone call that one of my clients is quitting. Great! Whose bright idea was it to be self-employed again…oh right that was me. I have my first client, who gives me attitude, and thinks he is just to good to actually practice his instrument and doesn’t need to in order to improve. Not a good idea to give attitude to a sick girl who is having a pretty shitty year. Leave location #1 and am off to location #2. I have 20min to eat my lunch on Tuesdays, since I am sick nothing really sounds good, nor can I taste anything anyway. So I go to Jamba Juice. Get my smoothie, get back in the car and continue on to meet with client #3. Construction everywhere…great, I go to take a sip of my smoothie and the genius at Jamba doesn’t put the lid on all the way. This leads to me grabbing the top of the cup to take a sip, the cup crunching in and the whole thing spilling on my lap while I am driving in traffic. I can’t pull over so I just keep driving until I get to my next location. By now much of it has melted and I am sitting in a nice wet puddle with cold Jamba on my crotch. Once Jamba dries, it kind of smells like vomit, so now my car smells like someone lost their lunch in it. I guess that is pretty much what happened, I did lose my lunch. Lucky for me I have an old pair of workout pants in my trunk so the rest of my day was spent being very professional wearing a sweater, high heel boots, and gym pants. I ended my day by buying 5 boxes of girl scout cookies and eating a whole box of thin mints.  I think Alexander had a good idea. I too think I am going to move to Australia (My old roommate Kylie just moved there and wants me to come too) and escape my terrible horrible, no good very bad year. Funny thing, I was talking to my mom on the phone, telling her that I want to move away and she said some days are just terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad, even in Australia. Well, what does she know.